Seton Hosts Hurricane Relief Distributions


    Beginning on October 4th, St. John Neumann students participated in  St. Elizabeth Seton’s Hurricane Relief Distribution from 9 am to 12 pm, alongside Ave Maria volunteers and Seton parishioners. The Hurricane Relief Distribution, done through the Catholic Charities of Collier County, addresses the families affected by the horrific storm, providing aid to those currently struggling to attain basic needs such as food and water.

    In the early morning, the Celtics and other volunteers organized the many supplies received through donations to prepare for the distribution, including non-perishable foods, hygiene products, and paper bags. The volunteers performed various tasks, such as packaging the donated goods, distributing baby supplies such as formula and diapers, and ensuring each family received their needed items. 

    The distribution was executed smoothly, thanks to the impressive turnout of SJN volunteers. On October 4th, it was reported that 59 students appeared to volunteer, then 57 the following day.  An estimated 140 SJN students (including those who participated more than once) appeared throughout various volunteering sessions that the Church held. 

        The involvement and diligence of the students made an impact not only on the families but also on the participants. Volunteers were able to witness the coming together of a group of people to work for a common cause, which helped to create a strong sense of community during a time of hardship. 

    “This is the first Hurricane I ever experienced since I moved down here,” says Avaiya Gavaldon, a Sophomore at St. John Neumann. “Seeing all the help going on made me feel good to know that people help each other out here.”

    Catholic Charities continues to host Hurricane Relief Distributions at Seton throughout this week while providing weekly updates and sign-up sheets on the Ave Maria Family Service Outreach Facebook page. Whenever there’s a chance, sign up and get involved!