Tips and Tricks for Surviving School: Worldly Wisdom

Tips and Tricks for Surviving School: Worldly Wisdom

You wake up early in the morning, you go to bed late, 2-5 hour practices, three tests, two quizzes, homework every night, trying to fit into the status quo, and pressure to get into a good college. High School is taxing, stressful, draining, and most of the time not fun. Some people thrive in High School and they never want to leave, while others take things day by day just trying to survive. For those who wish to just get through High School, Turtlejar Tutors has 10 tips for surviving:

  • Take Your Studies Seriously: In order to leave High School behind, you have to graduate. So, when it comes to homework, tests, exams… do them. Study and prepare. You want as many options as you can get to get into the college of your choice.


  • Choose Your Friend Group Wisely: Find your people. Find those who you don’t have to force yourself to be around everyday. Looking cool shouldn’t come at the cost of your happiness and stability. Make friends with people who help you grow and cheer you on.


  • Grow Your own Self- Confidence: True self-confidence comes from within, and you deserve to be happy. You need to be less critical and more kind to yourself. Acknowledge your strengths and work on becoming a much better person.


  • Listen to Your Parents (occasionally): Your parents will be able to advise and help you on what’s going on. They don’t know everything but they can be a soundboard to vent to. You still need to discover things on your own and learn how to make mistakes, so you don’t need their direction on every little thing.


  • Learn to Prioritize and make “me” time: Find time to relax between the craziness. You need time to breathe and to cope with life and the trauma of being a teenager. Find half an hour to do something you enjoy.


  • Keep the End Goal in mind: Sometimes you need to step back and look at your problem, whether it’s big or small. When you are caught up in your crisis it’s harder to see the bigger picture, just remind yourself you will get through it.


  • Control those Hormones: Hormones seem to take over your body, but there is a way to cope. Eat healthy, drink water, and get enough sleep.


  • Be kind to others: Kindness to those around you may have a bigger impact than you think. Smile, be patient and care about others. You never know when you may need someone to do the same for you.


  • Don’t shy away from your teachers: If you don’t feel comfortable to ask questions in class make note of your issue and ask after class. Not only will you not have to have all the attention on you, you will be able to get a personalized answer and build a relationship with your teacher. Keep in mind that you need to understand your work so you can graduate.


  • What truly Matters: As a teenager, you feel as if everyone is judging you, and that is not the case. Nobody cares if you drop all of your books in the hallway. As individuals we should be able to enjoy our experiences and learn from them. Be true to yourself, and stand up for what matters to you.

Hopefully with all the new knowledge on how to survive the last four years of adolescence, you will be dreading High School a little less. Try working on one tip a week, and maybe you now know all about surviving High School. For additional tips about school success, check out Noblehour.