Neumann Fun Night: Murder Mystery


Neumann Students Solving a Puzzle for the Next Clue

The Neumann fun night was held on Saturday, October 22, in the Justin Holecek Student Life Center. The night consisted of a murder mystery solved through playing various games for clues. The story follows the dead man as he watches his family and staff discover who murdered him.

The first game was to find different pieces of a puzzle. When put all together, the puzzle revealed that we needed to go to the Senior Lounge. After arriving there, everyone linked hands and passed a hula hoop over and under their bodies without letting go of the other person’s hand. We finished the challenge successfully. The dead man’s ghost then gave us a riddle, “What did God create on the third day?” The answer was, plants. This led us to the butterfly garden right next to the chapel. We then spread out to look for a piece of paper which revealed a new clue to who killed the man.

Afterward, we went to the Celtic Cross where we played Statues, a game where you stand still while the night-watcher isn’t looking, and tried to touch him when his head was turned. After a while, we went to the art room where we played Hangman. This brought us back to the Senior lounge, where we played Heads-up, Seven-up. The last scene was revealed that the daughter of the man and the man’s personal assistant were the ones who killed him.

Afterward, Sr. April led everyone in prayer.

While waiting for pickup, students watched the TV show, “Phineas and Ferb, and an episode of “The Monster and Phineas-n-Ferbenstein.”

The evening was very entertaining and fun. There was a sense of community and inclusion in all the games. The members of YATCH club, Youth and Christ Helping Together, made sure that everything went smoothly and was entertaining.