Homecoming Dance Fashion Highlights



After all of the fun activities, the moment everyone is waiting for throughout Homecoming Week finally arrives: The Homecoming Dance.

At this time, everyone gets themselves dressed for the climactic end of homecoming week and dances the night away to the lights and loud music. There are always some on the dance floor who stand out among the rest through the event.

When the student body was asked, “Who was the best-dressed at homecoming?” via an online poll, those who were most frequently named are as follows:

In 4th Place was Zach Hussey wearing a camo fisher hat, a white T-shirt showing a peace sign with the colors of the American flag, and camo cargo shorts.

In 3rd Place, Kaden Jenkins  strutted into the dance sporting a fashionable sparkly blue shirt, supported by his black vans and pants to make the blue pop.

Moving on with Randy Olfus coming in at 2nd. The disco theme was very apparent in his outfit, with his retro Afro wig being the MVP of the fit.

Finally, as the most frequent answer of the poll, Alex Kapish was voted the best dressed at the homecoming 2022 dance. The biggest takeaway to his already flashy outfit with gold pants and dark shirt were his bright red and blue led shoes.