SJN Students Unite After Devastating Hurricane


Judith Neeld

SJN Prayer Service

After the landfall and the events of Hurricane Ian, the students of St. John Neumann come back to school to show that no storm can truly separate their community.

The day finally comes where students must return to school and pick up where they left off in their academic studies. Over a week has passed and several students find themselves displaced or affected by the hurricane. After catching wind of the events that occurred throughout Hurricane Ian, St. John Neumann decides to hold a prayer service during school hours so that returning and incoming students can find comfort and hospitality in this Catholic community.

Throughout the service, those who are affected by the hurricane are prayed for, as well as the families of those who weren’t able to make it through the storm. Everybody is thankful to be okay and to be one of the survivors of the storm, even if they lost property along the way.

In the chapel, a slideshow is playing, showing students who went above and beyond to help their community, including members of the St. John Neumann family. There are pictures of students picking up debris, standing next to the people they helped, and when they were in the middle of working. While these pictures are being projected, some students are kneeling in the pews. Others continue to walk into the prayer service to hear the music being played on the guitar by Sister April Cabaccang.

The following images were shown in the slideshow or are from events mentioned in the prayer service:


Looking back at the hurricane, we are all lucky to have gotten through the storm and are able to live to see another day.