The Celtic Football Team Matches up Against the St. Petersburg Barons


Celtics versus Barons

As Neumann’s homecoming week concludes, the Celtic Football team matches up against the St. Petersburg Barons. 

The competition was a clear demonstration of the Celtics’ teamwork, determination, and courage as they battled through the game. It proved to them that the hard work they apply in practice will enhance their performance in future games.

What was the main goal of the game?

“I think the ultimate goal is to win, and we did win. The lessons that we learned from it were being prepared and overcoming adversity.” – Coach Scarborough

What challenges did the team face during the match? How did you manage to overcome those challenges?

“We talked to the boys at halftime about their preparation, the timing and sequence in the first half was off offensively. And so that was a direct reflection of being in the gym rather than being on the field. We have been doing this for two weeks so things are out of sync. So at halftime we talked about taking a matter of fact approach. We were in the same place, with the same kids, doing the same exact stuff. Just concentrated on executing it perfectly, and it worked out.” – Coach Scarborough

As head coach, what was your opinion on the performance of the team?

“A very good effort was made now that we’re getting better and that we’re winning. The most important part is figuring out a way to win.“ – Coach Jones

What do you think contributed the most to the result of the game?

“The intensity of the game made it enjoyable. Our offense is in the process of improving and we are already seeing the changes it’s making to the performance of the team.” – Jesse Cox

During the game, the Celtics put together a fun event as a way to cheer on the football team and conclude an exciting homecoming week. The Celtics cheerleading team invited younger girls who participated in the Clover Clinic, to accompany them at the game and learn the basics of cheer. At halftime, the homecoming court for each grade was introduced. Along with a face-painting station, there were many other tables filled with a variety of snacks, games, and toys.

The outcome of this game was the most anticipated event of the week for the football team. Throughout the competition, they faced the challenges they encountered and persevered, with each challenge proving that the experiences were worthwhile. With the excitement and encouragement of the Neumann community, the Celtics were able to gain perspective and win the game.