Junior Class Breaks the Streak

On Wednesday, October 21, 2022, SJN had their annual Class Powder-Puff Cheers. This day is full of excitement, spirit, and competition that usually ends in the senior class winning, but this year there was a plot twist.

This activity can be quite predictable with how each class performs. Usually the underclassmen, freshman and sophomores, are more reserved while the upperclassman, juniors and seniors, compete head to head for the win.

Unlike in other years, this year the juniors blew the judges away with their performance leaving the seniors knowing they had to top the previous cheer the juniors did. The seniors cheered and danced their hearts out and came close, maybe even better (some might say) than the juniors.

The school spirit each class had for their cheerleaders was also unprecedented! This helped the cheerleaders dance harder, as they listened to their classmates cheering them on.

While the judges came to a conclusion on the winner of the 2022-2023 Class Powder Puff Cheer Dance, the juniors and seniors anxiously awaited the results.

When the judges announced the winners, the seniors were left in shock over the juniors breaking their winning streak.

Well done to the juniors!