Celtics’ Homecoming Pride


Saint John Nuemann’s homecoming week invited students to show their school spirit! With a whole week of themed dress-up days, school spirit was visible across campus. A different student won the contest for best-dressed each day.

For our Monday costumes, the theme was Cowboys versus Surfers, with one of the winners being Stephen Sedio as a cowboy.

For Tuesday, it was Soccer-Mom versus Barbecue Dad, with Ariana Petrovic taking the prize for Barbeque Dad.

Wednesday was Decades Day, with Luvinson Pierre and Emanuel Cabet getting second place as they sported Michael Jackson. Wednesday’s first place winner was Clark Purdom.

Thursday was Adam Sandler Day, won by Evan Dunwitty.

Lastly, Friday was Class-Colors Day with the senior class winning overall. The week wrapped up with an eventful Homecoming assembly. At the assembly, many fun events were hosted, such as a balloon popping relay race and bobbing for apples! A great way to end the week with school spirit running high as we headed into our Homecoming football game.

A special thank you to those who made the amazing week of dressing up and our amazing homecoming assembly possible.