History of Homecoming

Homecoming was made into a tradition to invite alumni back to the school to see family and friends, commence the first football game of the season, and to bring the surrounding community together.

Homecoming was started in 1914, on Northrop field, where the first Homecoming game was played against the Wisconsin Badgers. This was also the first annual homecoming dance.

The crowning of the homecoming king and queen is a tradition that linked the alumni that won the crown before they left, to the new homecoming king and queen. This year, alumnus Chandler Hayslip crowned Madison Floyd as the SJN Homecoming Queen of 2022!

Back then, the homecoming court was only made up of women and it was more of a beauty pageant than a popularity contest. There were floats, trophies, and, eventually, the homecoming king was introduced. Although the tradition has changed, the homecoming royalty now represents the whole class. That’s why each student votes for candidates to represent their class, while all students vote for the seniors since they represent the whole school.