SJN 2022 Powderpuff Games

Jaw-Dropping Performances!

       In powder-puff cheer all teams put on amazing performances. But the main competition was between the Seniors and the Juniors. Both put on jaw-dropping performances, but the win had to go to the Juniors. They had several dances choreographed, and looked like they practiced a lot. 

        Then in powder-puff volleyball games it was good competition. The Freshman had a comeback, and ended up destroying the Seniors. The Sophomores made quick work of the Juniors. In the final match between the Sophomores and Freshman, the Freshman destroyed the Sophomores with ease. 

         As far as the powder-puff football game goes, it was postponed due to rain, and has been rescheduled for Wednesday, October 26. We cannot wait to see who the victors are of the long awaited performance!