Get to Know Dr. Shaner!

Get to Know Dr. Shaner!


He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana, his masters at Eastern Illinois University, and finally his doctoral at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. All very impressive!

Time he Felt Closest to God

Dr. Shaner grew up in the Church from an early age. He says he felt closest and most connected to God, during his baptism when he was eight years old.

Where he Taught Before Neumann

Since 2010, Dr. Shaner has taught at a variety of different schools, including a mix of public high schools, community colleges, and universities all over the country.

Why he Picked SJN

Dr. Shaner chose SJN for a variety of reasons, but our school’s family atmosphere was the biggest factor. Dr. Shaner was delighted during the interview with our principal, Sister Pat, and knew Neumann was the school for him. The combination of our values as a school and how hard every student works, made Dr. Shaner know he was in the right place.

Before he Decided to Become a Teacher

Most of his family went to law school, so he believed that would be his career path as well. However, after undergraduate school, he decided that he didn’t want to continue along that path. Once he realized that being a teacher was what he was destined for, he went back to graduate school to start along that road. This is now Dr. Shaner’s 13th year teaching!