Get to Know Mrs. Mullin!

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Mrs. Mullin’s Biggest Motivation in Life

Mrs. Mullin’s biggest motivation in life is her family and her faith!

How Nature Plays a Role in Her Faith

Mrs. Mullin finds herself closest to God when in nature. Sailing and hiking are the hobbies that not only bring her joy and happiness, but also strengthen her faith. Spending time in nature, alone with no distractions, is when she feels the most connected to God.

Life Outside of School

When not at school, Mrs. Mullin loves hiking, sailing, camping, yoga on the beach. These are her favorite hobbies. Being active brings her joy and satisfaction.

What she Looks for in a Student

Mrs. Mullin loves a student who is driven! When a student is excited and keen to learn, it puts a smile on her face.

Calling to be a Teacher

Having two younger sisters who she loved to play teacher with, and a dad who is a professor at the University of Illinois, Mrs. Mullin knew teaching was her calling. Her dad taught Shakespeare, and going on field trips to his work was one of her favorite things to do in childhood. Of all the girls, she was always the one that was eager and interested to go with her father to work. She loved the university and that environment.

Her Journey to Becoming a Celtic!

Mrs. Mullin previously worked for the City of Naples, and was content as she slowly worked her way up into good administrative positions. Then a change came about: the principal of Saint Ann Catholic School where her children attend, and where she also worked as a part-time substitute, gave her name to Sister Pat, who offered Mrs. Mullin a teaching position here. Mrs. Mullin now teaches all several AP classes this year, including AP Government, AP Macroeconomics, AP Psychology, AP Seminar, and AP Research.