To Draw, or Not to Draw, That is the Question


Thomas Lund is a junior here at SJN. He is very good at making realistic portraits and terrifying drawings that are, hopefully, not realistic on white boards.

I was able to interview Lund to ask some questions about his art. He said that he likes to do art because “why not?” He wanted to have a good quality, and he picked art because it was very popular at his middle school. He was mainly inspired by his art teacher who he considered to be over-qualified for his job.

Lund also told me about how he became good at art. He started drawing in 2018, and got better during the pandemic when he took additional classes.  His tip for people who want to go from average to at least better, is to draw constantly. He also said to copy different drawings. Lund says that copying is very helpful because it is easy, gives you confidence to keep drawing, and helps you to improve your skills. “If you copy, then it gives you confidence. When you start to get better, you can start doing it yourself,” says Lund.

His greatest achievement, he says, was getting $26,000 for doing some family portraits.