Seniors Invite Freshman to Join in the Fun at St. John Neumann

Senior Words of Wisdom for Freshman


Once freshmen get started with their high school career, they may find themselves
stuck, and not sure what to do. Seniors, who have grown and matured over the past 4 years
and have successfully adjusted to high school life, weigh in on what to look forward to.

“The Freshmen should look forward to homecoming week each year!” says Mia Brewer.
“It’s enjoyable.” Homecoming week, the spirit week before the annual homecoming dance involves
dressing up with themes such as Surfer vs. Skater, and Superhero vs. Supervillain. This fun-
packed week is organized to kick off the dance that welcomes students, new and old, to a new
school year.

“Spirit weeks are the best because you get to show off your school spirit by dressing up
and having fun at the assemblies with all your friends,” comments Zoe Bartels.
There’s the Mr. Neumann competition as well. After friendly competition between contestants, the
school decides which lucky guy gets to be the pageant’s victor. The powder-puff cheer, also
popular among students, takes place during this spirit week. Male students of each grade
choreograph and perform a cheer routine, and the winner performs at the powder-puff game later in
the week.

Sporting events, such as football and basketball are also something to look forward to!
Just last year, the girls’ basketball team went all the way to the State Final Four Tournament.
Neumann students and staff traveled to Lakeland to watch them compete. Currently, it is
volleyball and football season, and attending games is the best way to kindle one’s school spirit
and make new friends.

In addition, Neumann also provides yearly grade-level retreats in
which students from each year gather and have fun, playing games while meeting new people
and strengthening their existing friendships.
“The junior retreat was a cool way to get to know people in my grade that I didn’t know
well before. I made some fun memories,” says Serene Aviles.

Throughout a student’s high school years, St. John Neumann High School provides a
variety of fun events, from football games to dunk tanks, in order to create a sense of
community amongst its students. Occasions like the spirit weeks, games, and retreats,
become a vital part of one’s high school memories. So, take a chance and get involved!