Coach Tom Scarborough

New Teachers on Campus


COACH TOM SCARBOROUGH is originally from Missouri and moved down to Naples this past year to teach and coach at Saint John Neumann. He describes himself as a “youthful 55- year-old who is very complex, yet a simple individual.” He is married with two children who both teach at FBA, and a wife who is also a school administrator here in Naples.

This is Scarborough’s 25th year in education, teaching both inside of the classroom and
out on the football field. He is an offensive football coach who has a passion for helping kids succeed through hard work and dedication. He has taught and coached girls’ softball, football, baseball, and wrestling for most of his career.

When he first moved down from Missouri, he continued his profession at a local high
school where he taught P.E. and coached football. As he progressed through his career, he felt that he needed a new change, and a more organized and controlled environment, which drew him towards Neumann.

Scarborough hopes he can help students see God through his actions and interactions
with them, that they are important, and that they will always have someone supporting them, even when they think everyone is against them. His kids participated in athletics through high school and eventually college athletics, but they didn’t get there without the support. This inspired him to do the same for other children as a way to give back to the community. He believes in this quote from Mr. Rogers: “Kids are an incomplete version of what they someday will be and it’s our job to help kids be what they are untitled to be.” Scarborough states that this quote ‘helps the world as well as gives him perspective on it’ and encourages us all to do the same.