Inside The Gridiron With Jesse Cox

The Celtics Season Kicks Off


On Friday, August 19, St. John Neumann High School prevailed over Canterbury with a final

score of 12-7. Quarterback Jake Bruni (Sophomore) had a big throw to Zach Molina (Junior) for

a Celtics touchdown. Then Henry Estes (Senior) had a run for another Celtics touchdown.

Canterbury responded after half-time with a touchdown, and extra point. The Celtics had a short

drive before handing the ball to Canterbury with a few minutes left, but the Celtics won with a

defensive stop in the red zone! It might seem like an easy win, but something that is often

overlooked is the preparation towards games. Monday-Thursday the Celtics practice from 3:15-

6:00 p.m. Friday is of course game day, the day where all the hard work done in the off season

and in the weight room is put into effect. Friday is pay-day. Although the Celtics got a win this

Friday, they have bigger goals. The Celtics have a playoff streak and intend to keep it so every

win counts.