The conquest for Chocolate Chip Cookies

The conquest for Chocolate Chip Cookies

I can’t be the only one who when I want cookies, am willing to go against my peers and make the ones from a mix. While making cookies from scratch is sweet, making them from the box is easy. But what is the best brand to use on such occasions? That is the question I’d like to answer today.

I bought Pillsbury and Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix (this is not sponsored, but I sure wish it was). Both required a stick of butter and 1 egg. They both had to have the oven set to 375 degrees. They both took around 10 minutes to bake, and around the same time to mix. The only difference was the taste. And there sure was a difference.

Pillsbury got an average score of 6.8. Even one of the sisters, who I would assume should be truthful, gave it a 4. The reviews were as follows “It was crumbly,” “It was dry,” and “There wasn’t enough chocolate chips.”

While the Pillsbury was horrific, Betty Crocker fared much better. The average score was 9.4. There were a lot more chocolate chips, the cookie was moist, and the texture was crunchy.

The two mixes were 17.5oz but Pillsbury costed $2.99 and Betty Crocker costed $2.47. Now, please be wary of this review, because who knows what they put in their mixes. If you personally like Pillsbury, then lucky you, you have fond your joy. So please don’t take this column as gold, but do take it as reference.