The Georgia Mountains


Georgia mountains. A state full of beauty. A state where beaches meet mountains. Rocky, windy roads lead me up to the hills. Flowers line the entrance. Sunshine radiating through my window. The warmth of the sun warms my body and heart. The anticipation of reaching our cabin gives me chills up and down my body. Countdown is on. Closer and closer to our destination. Dreams of being in a kayak on our private lake. Too excited to sit still. Driving up our drive way. Seatbelt already off. Seconds away from hopping out of the car and reuniting with family. Smell of a freshly cleaned cabin fills my nostrils. Smell of fresh wood is the perfumed scent of our mansion of a cabin. Windows are the walls, giving a preview of our view for the week. Anxiously waiting to check out the outdoors. Tick-tock. Tick-tick. Time is precious. No time to waste. Already dreading the long drive back home to Florida. I throw on my shoes to run outside. As I’m walking onto the rich oak deck, serotonin fills my body. The crystal blue lake is a mirror reflecting the mountains. The long 14 hour drive was worth it. I don’t want to go back. Oh I love the Georgia mountains!