Spooky Stories: $1.525 Million


In Rhode Island, a farmhouse that is famous for inspiring director James Warrens’ 2013 horror film “The Conjuring,”  has been sold for $1.525 million. 

Even though it was not the actual house featured in the movie, it was the home where the Perron family was plagued for about a decade of intense, horrid paranormal activity in the 1970s. 

According to forbes.com, the Roman Catholic family, they were never predisposed to believe in ghosts but that instantly changed as soon as they moved in on January 11, 1971. 

Andrea Perron, one of the children of the Perron family quoted that she had moments of fear living in the Rhode Island house. Andrea, who was only 11 at the time, did see her mother getting possessed: “I had moments of fear because I saw what was happening to my mom and to my family.”

If you have seen the chilling movie you may think the film was over-dramatized and unrealistic, but that is not the case. The directors made sure they maintained all of the events that actually transpired in the house. 

Other than the Perron family who lived in the house, there was another couple, the Heinzen couple, that also reported multiple supernatural instances in the house. Jennifer and Cory Heinzen reported hearing strange noises, footsteps, and knocks. The couple saw flashes of light in completely dark rooms. 

With all this activity they converted the house into a tourist attraction by letting horror enthusiasts rent a room for the night, but guest had to sign a waiver. By staying the night they had to face the risks of potentially witnessing violent spiritual attacks, spiritual attachments, frightening statements, and unpredictable, surprising situations.

The Heinzen family had a single rule for new buyers of their property and that was no living in the house year-round. The reasoning behind this rule is because the energy is so powerful in the house, they put it as a protection for the buyer. 

Jacqueline Nuñez recently purchased the property in May 2022 even after knowing the agreement and history of the home. She states she is not afraid of whatever spirits the house has currently. 

According to masslive.com, Nuñez stated: “I don’t believe the energy here is malevolent. Things will happen here that will startle me, but not harm me. I look forward to experiencing things.”

To continue the paranormal business that the previous owners started, Nuñez vowed to carry on the business and have the Heinzens still involved.