A Night to Honor


On Friday, November 4th, the Celtics closed off their season with a night to honor their seniors. On the football team, seniors Mario Werab, Dominick Trapani, Michael Anderson, Henry Estes, Erven Francois, Stevie Sedio, Robert Summers, Colten Schaeffer , Ben Lysiak and Cole Frtizam were honored. Football players received a football, other sports players received plaques, and various other items to remind them of their time playing the sport. The various different sports and activities honored that night were football, swimming, golf, cheerleading, band and cross country. Seniors from every fall sports team were also honored. On Senior night seniors thanked their families, coaches, and friends for helping them on their journey, and stated what they look forward to doing in the future. It was truly an amazing night to honor our seniors despite the unfortunate loss to Lake Placid. From the Celtic family we wish them all the best with the careers and paths they choose!