Welcoming the Class of 2026: The Freshman Retreat



Judith Neeld


The freshman retreat was a great introduction into Neumann. The Oratory-N-Tation was designed to create a sense of community in the Freshman class through participation in various group-bonding activities.


This retreat includes things such as get-to-know-you games and a scavenger hunt with clues that lead you all over the campus. Students listened to witness talks about what makes Neumann a home, and how there are all sorts of opportunities for students to get involved.


The day also included 2 small skits, one about prayer and the other welcoming the incoming freshman class to Neumann. After the skits, students participated in a trivia game about the school and adoration in our beautiful Our Lady of the Angels Chapel, which was constructed in 2014 as a donation from Robert L. Carsello family. At the end of the retreat, each participant received a shirt to commemorate this special day.


SJN senior, Sophia Castillo, shared her story about how Neumann became her home. She talked about how she joined cheer and bonded with the rest of the team. Castillo said that the freshmen should treat Neumann as a home since they will spend so much time here.


Bella Vergara, a freshman at the retreat, said that she enjoyed “rock, paper, scissors, shoot” with Hula hoops. She had fun competing against the other team by jumping through hoops to the other side and playing “rock, paper, scissors, shoot”.


The freshman retreat is a great tradition that Neumann has for all the freshmen. It provides a sense of community and welcomes the freshman class to the Salesian family.