Worldly Wisdom: Tips and Tricks for Success in Life


We are all driven by something. Whether it be money, fame, knowledge, or material goods, success encompasses most of what drives us. The measures of our successes, our career, our personal lives, our relationships, have ups and downs that are sometimes uncontrollable, but there are tips for help.

According to Better Up and Indeed, here are ways to succeed and be your best:

  •  Don’t be afraid to be different from your friends and family. Challenge the status quo, and be a change everyone wants to see in our world. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.


  • Learn from your journey. Be observant about your likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses, and use them to reach your goal. Don’t focus on your accomplishments but on what steps you take to get there.


  • Think positively. Some people give you energy while others take it away, be someone who gives. Be kind and courteous. Work on problem-solving rather than complaining. Toxic people hurt others, they take away confidence and fracture self-esteem. No one likes a negative Nelly.


  • Set goals. Give yourself personal challenges to achieve with a reasonable deadline. Use a journal or calendar to reflect on your goals, so you can see your progress. Having a tangible goal is a good motivator to keep working towards success.


  • Remove distractions. Watch less TV or play less video games to have more time for your goals. Keep track of what consumes your time and when it’s time to work on your goal, remove that distraction from the room. Now is the best time to start changing habits so that you can focus on success without interruption.


  • Never stop learning. Life has so many lessons waiting to be learned. Mistakes are an opportunity to improve and learn. Self-reflection and awareness are tools that help you with your path to success.


  • Have fun. Let go of the things you can’t control, and do more of the things you enjoy. Keep goals light and fun to have an emotionally positive experience without losing perspective. You won’t have the drive to succeed if you are miserable and bored.

If you find yourself without motivation, keep these different tips and tricks in mind. Have fun, track your journey, and don’t be afraid, success is on your timeline and will come when you want it to.