Gold vs. Luxury Watches


It is becoming quite prevalent for families to want a valuable item to pass down in their family for generations. This usually comes in gold, luxury watches, or other antique items. In today’s article, we will focus on the main two luxury watches, and gold. Gold is worth $1,844 an ounce today, which fluctuates quite often. It is almost as if gold is investing in a stock the way it is traded on the market. Over time it will most likely go up, but is it worth the wait? On the other hand, luxury watches can resell from $3,000 but can for millions. The range and vast diversity of luxury watches across the board make it hard to pick which one would be a good investment, hence why I will break down some of the top brands and which brand is most recommended, in my opinion.


I am first going to talk about Cartier. An entry level Cartier watch has a price of about $3,500. This is not bad considering the name brand you are paying for and how it is commonly considered a very well-made watch. Next up on the chopping block is Audemars Piguet. The starting price is a hefty $17,000 for a Royal Oak. They have a very high entry price, but they do hold their value significantly well. In my personal opinion, this would not be a good choice since I don’t see it increasing in value since it’s just an entry-level, and there is nothing rare or collectible about it. Next up is Patek Philippe. This is a decently well-known brand, but it also has a hefty entry-level price of $12,500. But the issue with that is that it is not a very sought-after Patek timepiece. Therefore I do not see it holding any value. If I were to pick up a Patek as an investment piece, it would probably be their Nautilus model. But the issue is getting one in decent condition and desirable colors will run around $70,000. Now onto what I consider the number one luxury watch brand, Rolex. This is the name brand that made luxury watches famous. Everyone knows what a Rolex is. For around $6-10k you can get a decent Rolex timepiece that will not only be a good conversation piece, but also a good investment. Rolex watches have proved that they hold their value, and their reputation as they have passed the test of time being around since 1905.


I hope this article helped in some way as to which decision is the best.