A Day in the Life of Dr. Noonan


Dr. Noonan, SJN Assistant Principal

How does St. John Neumann’s Assistant Principal begin her day?


She wakes up about 4:45 and begins her day with a shower, followed by listening to a

daily podcast called “The Bible in a Year” with Fr. Mike Schmitz. Then she gets her cup of coffee and then leaves for work by 6.


On the way to school, she listens to her rosary App, arriving on campus around 6:30.

Upon her arrival on campus, Dr. Noonan begins her assistant principal work by getting subs for

teachers who won’t be able to make it to school. After that she heads to the chapel for mass

with the sisters until 7:10.


Sometimes before school even begins, she’ll have meetings with students who are struggling

academically or just need to talk about something. Before classes start, she checks in with teachers to make sure everything is in order, and heads outside to greet students walking into school. She then begins the school day by watching the school news, but every day is not the



Some days she has more meetings with students, and other days she plans things that

are upcoming for our school. This week she’s planning new courses for next year and making

sure everything is set for Catholic Schools Week. Other days she goes to observe teachers

and then heads to the cafeteria for her favorite part of her job – interacting with students. Dr.

Noonan says that she likes to spend as much time with students as possible: “That’s why I get

her early and stay late.” She likes to spend her time with students while she’s at school and doesn’t like to focus on paperwork that she could do before or after school. Every week is different, some more stressful than the others.


She usually leaves the school usually between 4:30-5 p.m. unless there is an

event or a game. If there is one of those, then she will stay and sometimes have dinner with the

sisters over at the convent. Dr. Noonan loves going for walks, so once she gets home, she’ll go for a walk with her husband and listen to music with him. Then she’ll end her day with a book before heading to bed.